Start Your Cleaning Course!

Where we teach you the secrets of how to train your cleaning techs for sucess!

Brought to you by Donna Dougherty,
for business owners and homeowners who need a system to clean more efficiently!

Have you always wanted a detail cleaning system to train your staff how to Clean Like A Pro?

This course takes you step by step so you have the proper cleaning foundation to clean your clients home and how to keep it maintained.

This course will allow you to clean your clients house like a pro by teaching you:

  • What products to use and buy
  • The proper techniques to clean thoroughly
  • To learn the system and time management skills to help employees
  • Step by step demonstrations on how to use your tools properly and effectively

There will be many different how to Clean Like a Pro courses offered:

  1. Kitchen 101 – (NOW AVAILABLE!)
  2. Bathrooms 101 – (Available Fall 2022)
  3. Dusting 101 – (Available Fall 2022)

For each course, we will also provide you with written scripts, video demonstrations, and product lists.

Meet Your Instructor

Why did I create How to Clean Like A Pro!…?

After cleaning thousands of homes (LITERALLY) with over 18 years of industry experience, I have seen it all in regards to:

  • Home maintenance upkeep
  • Product recommendation
  • Setting expectations for your employees so their is higher satisfaction rate with clients
  • How to clean properly because a training program is essential for the growth of your cleaning business

If your new to the cleaning business or are in need of more direction on techniques, tools, and products this course is for you!

  • Not sure what the best cleaning products to use are
  • Wasting money on no training system for the onboarding process
  • Keeping a good retention rate with customers and employees
  • And countless reasons why you should have a cleaning system for the heart of the home cleaning which is the bathroom, kitchen, floors and dusting.
  • If any of the above resonates with you then you are on the right path to getting the sparkling clean home you have always wanted and craved for.

Since owning my own maid service, I know what it takes to maintain clients houses and keep them happy.

Since owning my own maid service, I know what it takes to maintain clients houses and keep them happy.